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We work very hard for our customers because nothing pleases us more than helping our clients acheive the dream of affordable home ownership. We want to add you to our list of very satisfied customers.

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After working with Dean all my worries of the mortgage process being difficult have been put to rest. He is very easy to work with and had the best rates in town. Great communication and I would recommend Dean to anyone looking to refi or buy a new home.

- Trevor R.
Edmond, OK | November 17, 2017

Buying a home is the most important purchase anyone can make. There is no one better to get you through the process than Dean and professional team. Dean is fun to work with, a local lender in Oklahoma, you will be treated like a person and not a number with a national company, he has ton of experience in the lending world and is an expert in the industry, he will get you the lowest rates possible, provides great service, he's fast getting to closing, utilizes the most innovative technology, and he is in constant contact through each step of the process, I highly recommend Dean and I have no reservations on recommending him to my friends and family.

- Mike B.
Edmond, OK | June 03, 2017

Dean Slatev is a "can't miss" mortgage broker to call. An extremely trustworthy individual who has your best interest at heart!

- Mike J.
Oklahoma City, OK | June 02, 2017

We had a great experience! Dee Ann and her team are very knowledgeable. They took the time to walk us through all of our options and helped us make the right decision for us.

- Angela H.
Oklahoma City, OK | June 02, 2017

Local Lending is a top notch lender with the best rates in Oklahoma. Fast, courteous and very professional folks. I would definitely recommend them!

- Ryan D.
Edmond, OK | June 02, 2017

I have worked with Dean, personally and professionaly over the past 15 years. I recommend Dean to all of my clients, friends, and family as he is trustworty, efficient, and quick to the closing table. I consider him to be an expert in the industry and like it that he is a local lender with a national company. He will get you the best rates and terms available while making the process easy and fun.

- Philip C.
Yukon, OK | May 31, 2017

Hello Dee Ann, I just wanted to thank you so much for getting us set up on the line of credit for our house going through US Bank. We paid off our house a year and a half ago!! This last year has been a tough one as my wife and I were both laid off. It was a great feeling knowing we had our house paid off and for any reason we need to pull some money out for a short period of time we could. It has been such a blessing. Thank you much!

- Brian M.
Oklahoma City, OK | May 31, 2017

Dean was fantastic doing the loan for my house. I had sought rates from other companies but his was the best. I also felt great knowing that he was local and not some huge national conglomerate. His years of experience and depth of knowledge were apparent as well. Thanks Dean the Mortgage Machine!

- Patrick S.
Edmond, OK | June 07, 2017

Dean "The Mortgage Machine" Slatev really does an excellent job at getting you a mortgage as promised. Past lenders, we’ve used in others states and in Oklahoma changed the requirements for lending to us halfway through the process. We told them the same information we told Dean and he talked to Local Lending Oklahoma and made sure through the whole process that there were no snares. He offered assistance quickly, we were able to get a hold of him within minutes of contacting him with a question, and he ever left us waiting for days. Previous mortgage lenders left on vacations or mysteriously disappeared for several days leaving us uncertain if we still had the home or not and with no other means to contact the company. Dean did not do this. In fact, he offered us encouragement through the whole process and clearly explained what we needed to do, what the next steps were, who we were waiting on and why plus checked in on us regularly. For example, my position requires a special code, etc. in order for a third party company to release my employment information to whomever, I tell them needs access to this information. Dean patiently answered my texts (after 5 pm) as I worked through with the company a way to get Dean what Local Lending Oklahoma required. When what the third party company offered was not all that Local Lending Oklahoma required Dean quickly problem solved with me to get what we needed with what official documents I had on hand. He then made sure Local Lending Oklahoma would accept these documents. This all happened in a matter of hours, not days like previous lender companies did to us and after normal business hours since that is when we could work on these types of requests. Dean was there for us all day long and never made us feel unimportant or that another client took precedence over us. We look forward to working with him again when the time comes to move into an even better home.

- Nancy M.
Yukon, OK | January 29, 2018

Dean was outstanding to work with during the loan process. He went out of his way to make sure that I was comfortable with the entire process and was always available whenever I had questions. His hard work really stood out, as he understands the importance of being ahead of the curve when purchasing a home. Overall, very pleased.

- Scott S.
Oklahoma City, OK | February 02, 2018

Dean went above and beyond in making the process of moving into a new house as smooth as possible. Keeping me updated through every step, following up in a timely fashion, and working extremely hard for his client are just a few of many great qualities that Dean possesses. I would highly recommend using Local Lending Oklahoma in the future when buying a new house. Thanks Dean!

- Michael T.
Edmond, OK | February 02, 2018

Dean truly is a “Machine” that works until you are completely satisfied with no surprises at closing. I have purchased several properties over the years and wish I had known and used Dean for all of them.

- Matthew R.
Choctaw, OK | February 08, 2018

Dean has done 2 mortgages for us, couldn’t be happier! He is happy to explain, go over, find answers. He is the best!!

- Laura B.
Oklahoma City, OK | February 15, 2018

Dean is a great guy. who will get you where you need to be at a awesome rate. he is honest and will work hard for you. I personally enjoyed his work ethic and honesty during my home buying experience. I will use Dean again for my next home purchase in the future.

- Tony K.
Blanchard, OK | March 21, 2018

The experience was by far, excellent! I am very thankful for you helping me to obtain the financing to purchase the new condo and making it a reality. Opportunities do not come around often and you were a big contributor in ensuring I was able to make the purchase! It has been four years since a condo like this has been on the market and I was able to secure it because of Local Lending Oklahoma, and an awesome real estate agent! Thanks again, Dean!

- Jason C.
Oklahoma City, OK | April 13, 2018

Again, the Mortgage Machine came through for us and made the process seem easy. He helped us resolve any challenges that came up. If we had questions he worked to get the answers and kept us informed every step of the way. Thanks again Dean! We look forward to working with you in the future.

- Nancy M.
Yukon, OK | May 08, 2018

We purchased our new home in March with the help of Dean from Local Lending Oklahoma. Our overall experience was fantastic! He was always quick to answer all questions or concerns we had throughout the entire process. Dean was extremely knowledgeable in every aspect of the lending process. Thanks to his efficiency we were able to move our closing date up a full 2 weeks! I would highly recommend Local Lending Oklahoma to anyone looking for a smooth lending experience.

- Michelle W.
Edmond, OK | May 08, 2018

The world needs more of Dean "The Mortgage Machine". I would love to help get the word out. Thanks again for EVERYTHING you did for our family. We love the home and I still wake up in awwww that we own it! We cannot express our gratitude and appreciation enough for Dean “The Mortgage Machine” Slatev. Within a few days, we could tell he was honest and sincere. His extensive knowledge and experience really shined through at all times. He was able to answer all of our questions in plain language on the spot no matter what time of day it was. We did not feel like a customer we felt like “FAMILY”. Dean walked us through the entire process and kept us informed at all times. Building a home is very stressful and demanding, along with being first time homeowners we were very nervous and overwhelmed. Dean created a stress free environment during the mortgage process; it was relieving to know that we could focus on the details of our beautiful home instead of having the extra stress of the dreaded mortgage process. We are definitely customers for life. Keep in touch!

- Shana S.
Yukon, OK | July 12, 2018

You can get a hold of Dean very quickly when you have any question at all. He's a big help. The frequent communication and answering of questions was my biggest priority in anybody working with me during this process. He also seemed pretty tireless.

- Morgan D.
Oklahoma City, OK | July 18, 2018

Dean was a pleasure to work with - I found him responsive, thorough and helped with my endless questions. I would gladly recommend him to others in search of a knowledgeable, genuine professional. In my particular situation we had twists, turns not to mention a very quick deadline . Dean helped us meet my objective so I'm a very happy client.

- Margie C.
Oklahoma City, OK | August 01, 2018

Local Lending Oklahoma was very efficient and helpful at getting me approved for my first home loan. They made my home buying experience less stressful! I sure do appreciate them.

- Sam M.
Ponca City, OK | April 19, 2019

I used Dean for a refi and process was great. Great rate, barely any fees, and Dean was a pleasure to deal with. Thanks again For everything. 5 Stars across the board.

- Norman T.
Ancora, NJ | April 19, 2019

Dean is definitely a machine, and a little human in there too, actually a lot of human. He is super understanding of every situation and works his hardest to make things happen. I am referring anyone and everyone to him for a mortgage. Thanks Dean!!

- Chris B.
Cushing, OK | May 07, 2019

I recommend Dean. He did a very good job getting my loan. I was looking around in the city at a few places and they couldn’t do it for me. But Dean did it for me. He’s the best in Oklahoma City!

- Juan H.
Oklahoma City, OK | May 08, 2019

It has been a wonderful experience working with Dean! We are first time home buyers and didn't know anything about the homebuying process. He helped us the whole way, explained everything to us, and was very patient with us. An amazing quality about Dean is his rapid response time. Any time we called him, he always answered or sent a text saying he would call us back in a little bit, and he always did. I am very grateful for his help and highly recommend Local Lending Oklahoma!

- Jacqueline H.
Oklahoma City, OK | September 06, 2019

Dean is the best in the business. A true mortgage professional. He takes the time with each client to understand their unique situation and what options would be best for them. Dean and his team are very knowledgeable on the ins and outs of mortgages and know how to get to the finish line in a hurry. If you are ever curious if you are truly in the best loan he is one you can trust to call and get a honest response. I would recommend anyone that currently owns a home or is looking into home ownership to contact him and see what you could be saving! Thanks for everything Local Lending Oklahoma!

- Kurt P.
Detroit, MI | November 07, 2019

Dean does great work, very knowledgeable and works fast to give you the best rates

- Kyle L.
Salt Lake City, UT | February 03, 2020

Dean was awesome to work with. Super flexible and worked his tail off. There were some snags in the financing side but he made it easy to work through!

- Jeremie P.
Oklahoma City, OK | February 06, 2020

Dean worked on this deal and got it done for us! I am very thankful for his ability to get things done!

- Trey W.
Oklahoma City, OK | February 07, 2020

Dean was amazing - helped me keep my client deal together. Great communication and he really cares about the service Local Lending Oklahoma provides. Excellent resource and partner!

- Marjorie C.
Oklahoma City, OK | February 12, 2020

100% Satisfaction. Dean and Slate 5 was great to work with on the refinance. We also like the process of using the online tools. Thanks!

- Lee G.
Oklahoma City, OK | August 27, 2019

With all the mess going on in the country right now, Dean walked us through the whole thing and made it happen.  Can’t find any better!  

- Chad B.
Ardmore , OK | April 27, 2020

100% Satisfaction! My experience with Dean was excellent...couldn't have been better. Got me a great deal for both the short and long term. Would highly recommend him to friends, family, and otherwise."

- Eric S.
Oklahoma City, OK | May 08, 2020

Working with Dean was great! Beyond the fact that he went above and beyond to get the deal done and financing secured; he was honest and trustworthy, and a man of his word. Traits hard to come by! Our first time working with Dean a mistake was made with the loan that would have cost us a few thousand dollars. I point out the mistake not because it was made (we are all human- it happens!) but rather to highlight that Dean was going to eat the financial burden of the mistake so we didn’t get stuck with it. He stood behind his word and owned that mistake so the deal could close! The next time we had to purchase a house we didn’t even bother shopping around. I called Dean and said, “whats the best deal that you have?” We closed on that house last week and we now have a relationship where I likely won’t use anyone else. If you have financing needs for your next real estate purchase I would highly recommend Dean. He will make it happen and do right by you!

- Kenneth S.
Tulsa, OK | August 02, 2020

Several members of my family have used Local Lending in the past and they referred us to them when we went to buy a new house. Dean and Tanya were simply amazing. They worked hard to get us a fantastic rate on our mortgage, and any time a snag would come up they were on it in a second. We had two sets of friends purchasing a house during the same time frame we were, and they both ran into issues with their lenders and stuff not getting completed. This never happened to us. I highly recommend Local Lending for your sanity!

- Melissa G.
Yukon, OK | August 02, 2020

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