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If there is such a thing as having fun in the mortgage industry, Dean "The Mortgage Machine" has FUN! You, the client, get to take advantage of over 25 human years of lending experience. And now Dean has created a company, Local Lending Oklahoma, with the most innovative technology in the industry. Combine the human and technological factors together and you get the mortgage cyborg Dean "The Mortgage Machine".

Without a doubt, technology has become a prominent fixture in our society. While most of us make the conscious decision to disconnect from our respective digital worlds from time to time, we always seem to gravitate back to technology because of its ability to make common and once-complex jobs much easier and much more enjoyable.

Dean "The Mortgage Machine" and Local Lending Oklahoma understands that the landscape of the mortgage and financial industries have changed dramatically over the years. We have gone from from mailing and faxing loan documents, to emailing and texting, to fully automated point-of-sale (POS) systems. With the integration of these systems, we now have ability to constantly keep Loan Officers and borrowers in the loop and make the process much smoother and easier for all of us. 

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Dean The Mortgage Machine


Dean "The Mortgage Machine" Slatev
President and CEO / Managing Member
NMLS# 792076

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